San Luis Obispo County Cannabis Industry Alliance

San Luis Obispo Cannabis Growers Alliance.

Our Organization is made up of dedicated members with a passion to help advocate for sensible cannabis policy while connecting key stakeholders together inside the cannabis community throughout the state of California.

Our Mission

To advocate for the rights and ethical growth of the legal and responsible cannabis industry in San Luis Obispo and Surrounding Areas.

Who We Are

Our organization is made up of dedicated members and key stakeholders in the local cannabis industry who seek to proactively influence positive action.

Take Action

Years of negative cannabis propaganda have created a need for all of us to be involved in protecting our rights and educating the facts. Get invovled.

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Legal & Responsible Cannabis Operations

For You. For Us. For our planet.

sustainability through responsible Cannabis policy

Cannabis is making its mark on the agriculture industry. Legalization has paved the way for legal cannabis industry operators to begin working together to continue legitimizing our industry as one that’s not bound by the false representation of the past, but one that’s represented by a logical from a public safety, healthcare, and economic standpoint in essentially all benchmarks and studies. 

Requesting fair treatment and status in california

A network Of Growers dedicated To The Highest Standards in ethical cannabis operations

Join our organization and take action

Member benefits and networking opportunities

Legal Assistance

In an environment that's constantly changing, our network is all eyes on.

Professional Network

From marketing to genetics our network of professionals work toward a common cause.

Political Action

Get involved in our PAC (Political Action Committee) and start making a difference.

Make A Difference

be Informed. take action.

Looking for ways you can help? All donations go to providing assistance for local farmers and their operations.  

One of the strongest tools we can use is our voice. Follow us as we advocate for the legal cannabis industry with local grassroots efforts. 

We know time is one of the most valuable resources any of us can give. If your heart guides you to be involved, our organization is always looking for individuals who wish to make a difference. 

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Inform Others

Years of misinformation and misguided policy decisions have been brought to light through modern science. Our responsibility is to approach all engagements with facts.

Help Educate

We can all learn something from each other. Join our network for opportunities to share your knowledge while also getting an opportunity to learn from others. 

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Grow Together

By working together, we’ll overcome unique challenges and ensure our industry is respected within the agricultural as the viable crop we know it to be.

California Cannabis Operations

Pioneering The Industry Through the highest Standards and professional operations

Join our network of professionals and align yourself with industry leaders seeking to effect change. 

How We Work

What We Do

Forward Thinking

Advocating For Common Sense Cannabis Policy At The State and County Level.

Stay Involved
Cannabis Network

We connect legal and responsible cannabis operations together who help one another find solutions.

Find Your Community

Our system makes it easy to contact local and state officials regarding important policy.

Effective Communication
Quality Verified

Growing in the Ideal micro-climate for the cultivation of the highest quality, organic cannabis.

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