San Luis Obispo County Cannabis Industry Alliance

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Legal Cannabis Advocacy In San Luis Obispo

The San Luis Obispo Cannabis Growers Alliance is a leading advocate of reasonable cannabis laws in SLO county and strives to empower their communities through education. The coalition provides resources for those interested in entering the regulated marketplace while providing opportunities at events that foster community building among members, where they can feel part of something bigger than themselves.

SLO County Cannabis industry

Agriculturally sound. Economically viable.

Cannabis is a historically reliable crop that can be grown organically in safe legal environments to benefit our people, economy, and environment.

The People of San Luis Obispo’s Cannabis Industry¬† have been working to create positive standards for the local cannabis trade with officials from both their city council as well as lawmakers who represent them at state level.

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Acres Of Licensed Grow

Locally Grown

Locally grown at the highest standards.

Legally Focused

Regulation and compliance focused.

Safety Minded

We protect ourselves and our industry.

Responsibly Sourced

Quality control through responsible sourcing.

modern Growers

Digital marketing and technology driven.

Supply Line Inclusive

From seed to sale Рwe work together. 

Our members are dedicated to a sustainable future

Empower. Advocate. Connect.

Cannabis Cultivation In San Luis Obispo

Grow Clean. Grow Responsible.

A Community Built On

Hard Work and ethical standards

Learn More. Get Invovled.

Work With us To Make A Positive Impact On Our Industry

The cannabis industry in San Luis Obispo is growing and we’re looking for supporters both in and out of the industry to help work together to advance positive growth in the cannabis industry.